1 Day Till Christmas

1 Day Till Christmas!!! Wooot!!!

It’s like the lyrics of this song from a local fast food commercial . . . “Isang tulog nalang…” Are you excited or is it just me? XD

Today I have a lot of stuff to do.
First of all I have to deliver a few gifts, one of them is for my godparents the other is for my mom’s godchild . . . while the other gifts are for some people that are either my friend or my mom’s friend.
Second I have to complete the website my uncle was asking me to make. I know I’m so lazy it hurts!
Third I have to give DIVINE a bath even though the house helper already gave her this morning, I think I need to give her another one coz the helper doesn’t exactly do a very thorough job on her.

My wish for today is nothing unexpected, something simple an unique . . . actually it’s 2 wishes . . . The first one is a repeat wish but this time it;s a more specific wish (so it’s not entirely a repeat wish!)

This is an eternity ring. I really really really love to have one of those. Unlike the most eternity rings that you might see online, I want the one that’s in pure 24K white gold with full diamonds set in. I don’t want any other stone / jewel set in it. Just diamonds!

I tried an eternity ring before when I went to this jewelry shop down town. The fitting of the ring (like the one on the left) isn’t exactly comfortable since the stones are jutting out plus the fact that the inner part of the ring has sharp edges. Then I tried on a second ring that has a more smoother inner part and the diamonds aren’t exactly jutting out that when you close your fist it doesn’t hurt at all.

Like I said, I have 2 wishes. The second one is this . . .

I want a get a way Mediterranean crib in Greece. Some what like the one at the movie Mama Mia. But of course my crib will have all the modern equipments and necessities, with a zen-ish look and rustic feel. I think I will keep the traditional white colored building with striking bright royal blue to accentuate the over all design. A small and simple garden with bits of tall trees for shade in a hot sunny day would complete the over all look. My crib would be a sprawling mansion . . . with pool and other fun fun fun “add – ons”.

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