10 days before Christmas

10 More days Till Christmas!!! I’m not exactly sure why, but I don’t feel the “Christmas” this year. I made a list of possible reasons as to why I feel like I’m missing the Christmas spirit. So here are some of my …

  1. Is it because of the weather … which is warmer than it should be?
    — maybe
  2. Is it because of the work calendar … where we get to have more work days than vacation time?
    — possible
  3. Is it possible because in my new job (as of August) I’m the only employee and there’s literally no Christmas decors in the office?
    — a bit possible
  4. Is it because since that is the case (see #3) I do not enjoy any Christmas gift giving “games”?
    — another possiblity
  5. Lastly is it because my boss is such an ass, and instead of being a Jolly Folly especially on Christmas, he looks like a Grinch?
    — Yeah

Anyway I can’t think of other reasons but I think my list have effectively described my situation as of the moment … LoL!

As usual on my way to work I was listening to the radio and the DJs were discussing about pre-Christmas rants. One of the DJs actually shared a story about her friend who works for this certain company and was ranting to her last night. Apparently yesterday was the company’s Christmas party and in the middle of the event one of the management suddenly needed to announce something to the staff. The staff was ecstatic because it might be about their 13 month pay. Sadly that was not the case, it turned out that the company was bankrupted and it will close effective on January 2011. The DJ’s friend was ranting that , the management know this since the start of the year (January 2010) they should have given the employees early notice about that, but the company failed to do so. Now those people are thinking of where to get new jobs for the coming year, which totally suck especially with the economy and with tons of expenses to pay.

For today’s wish list … I want to rule the world … LoL … Okay that’s pretty absurd but what I really wanted is to be really rich … I want my own business where I can go to work anytime I please and end my day at my time as well. I want to be the one talking to people and not left inside the office. I use to like my job before, but since the time my boss started shouting and mistreating the 1-day or 1-week staff, my office moral or work morale went totally down almost to zero.


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