1st Day of work 2011

Isn’t it funny how Snoopy realistically depicts our normal work attitude for the week. I honestly feel like that every single week!
I’m at work today. I actually feel woozy , like someone who’s sugar high. I still want to sleep and rest , since I know that there is nothing much to do today as usual.
My boss will be leaving to China tomorrow (January 4) till Friday (January 7). I can see that it will be a great week since there is no one who’s complaining about every minute detail in every single thing in or out of the office (whether related to work or not). I don’t exactly see why he needs to go to CHINA for the week. He says it’s for our Sports Central project with SM but I highly doubt that it’s only about the project since SM isn’t even calling us about it.
Hmmm . . . I’m wanting some hot choco or anything from Coffee Bean (non-caffeinated) right now. I want some of their spicy pasta and maybe an ice tea. I miss going out of town or out of the country for the holidays. I miss staying at the hotel and smelling the newly baked bread, newly cooked dimsum and coffee in the morning at Hong Kong. I miss smelling the pines and the cool morning breeze blowing through our summer house at Baguio.
I’m officially still on vacation mode.
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