2 Days To Go Till Christmas!

Well technically it’s just only a day before Christmas and again I am so sorry that I hadn’t had the chance to write a blog entry for the proper date. Today I was busy in a way. Since it’s the first day of my vacation / holiday from my nagging boss , who loves to pass along faults to other people and not realizing that he is the actual source of all chaos. Anyway, I went to Greenbelt 5 awhile ago where I got my super duper kawaii gift . . . a big long orange (looks like a watermelon in some way) stuffed bunny!!! Love – love it muchness!!! To you who gave me my super kawaii gift — You know who you are! 😉 — THANK YOUUUU!!! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Hugsss tightness!!!! and I miss you!!! ~~ Okay return to our normal blogging ~~ Then I got back home around 6:00pm and got ready for my grand father’s birthday at Luck Garden. It’s this Chinese (as usual) restaurant near our place (without traffic around 15 minutes or even less). And from that party got back home around quarter to 10:00pm.

Good news though, I have already placed an order for those super cute heels that I posted in one of my “wish for the day” entry. It’s a lot cheaper now than before. It was around Php 3,000.00 when it first came out. Now it’s only Php 1,650.00 + shipping / courier fee of Php 150.00 (in Manila). I will be paying on the 28th of December since there are no banks open tomorrow and the holiday is extended till the 27th of December. I’m so excited!!! I just learned from Dian, the owner of the shop and designer of the shoes, that the heels are around 4 inches (woooh! super taas) but since the front is also elevated technically when you wear it it’s just (I think , around) 3 inches. Still I want those shoooes!!!

Okay so for today I wish . . .

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