I love cupcakes . . . I don’t know why. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that I like / love eating them. I just love looking at them coz they look so cute and colorful. I know that’s a bit lame but I feel like I haven’t found the greatest cupcake ever.
When I usually visit Serendra (at The Fort, Taguig, Philippines) I always take a peek at this shop where they only sell cupcakes. The sickly sweet smell is sooo enticing that you just want to get one. But here’s where it all starts , which makes you stop and getting your senses back.
1.) When you take a look at the counter you would see different variations and flavors of cupcake. So you try to pick the most exciting or favorable flavor for you.
2.) This is the time you start checking how much is a cupcake.
3.) You were shocked to see that it’s very much expensive!!!
4.) You just lost your appetite.
This always happens to me!!! T____T
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