3 days before Christmas

3 Days more to go and it’s Christmas time – Christmas tiiiime – Christmaaaaas Tiiiiiime! (note:: I was singing while typing this . . . hehe!)
Earlier I was talking to my boss, he was telling me that by next year (Jan.) I will be a regular employee so I will be paying my SSS and other government thingy majiggy expenses . . . I was just curious because since I will be having more expense I wonder if I will also get a raise, but as usual with Chinese employers they will do everything in their power so you wouldn’t get a raise at all. He made me sit down and he started talking about work and efficiency and bla – bla – bla ! WHich , honestly , is full of crap!
I wish I would just win the lottery , get rich and have my own business where I don’t need to listen to his crap all day!

My wish is to get billions and billions of money — actually that’s my wish for the whole year — but my wish for today is to have these super cool headphones! Before I saw these I wanted to get a Skull Candy. A pink furred headphones that’s just totally cute! I know I’m not girly – girly or anything near that but it was just too damn adorable!!!

With Dr. Dre My first pick are these RED Monster diamond – High powered headphones! It’s totally a limited edition model!!! It comes in 2 colors White / Silver and Red. I prefer red because I have a lot of white headphones (thanks to Apple) and for me white just easily get dusty and dirty. Plus since I’m Asian wearing red headphones pops out from our dark colored hair much, which is cool coz I love colors that stands out! And as you know ladies loves sparkly things like — oh , I don’t know — Diamonds perhaps??
I also like this Beats Pro black – high performance professional headphones. First of all I like the two (2) toned color scheme, since most of the headphones (under Dr. Dre) are one colored like the red monster diamond (above). Second it has this cushion for the head band, unlike most of the Dr. Dre products the head bands doesn’t look as comfy.
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