5 Days Till Christmas

5 Days till Christmas!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!
I usually write my blog entries at work, since when there is nothing to do in the office, there is literally nothing to do at all in the office. SO I spend my time writing my blog and post whatnots. I know that I was supposed to write this entry yesterday . . . Sadly I was sick , really really sick yesterday — had fever and tremendous head ache — but still I went to work or else my boss (who has a natural PMS even if he’s male) will slap my absence to my face every time his anger is worked up. He has done that to me many times thats why I know he’ll do that to me again . . . and yesterday he kept on asking me if I can go to work tomorrow (which is today) and I kept on telling him that I will ( since I know the consequence if I don’t). It’s like he’s making me feel that “Okay I will allow you to be absent but don’t forget that whenever I have the chance I will slap that to your face” — ARG!

Anyway , my wish is very simple I want POTATO CHIPS!!!

Preferably home cooked chips with a dip . . . I wish the dip were gravy and / or salsa.
If not Ruffles will do.

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