6 Days Till Christmas

Before anything , I’m so sorry I forgot to post my entry today since I was out the whole day. I got home late and forgot about my blog entry till now. On my way home from the mall was a torturous ordeal . . . the traffic was very bad and the drivers are idiots that . . . I don’t know how they got their licenses. That’s why the time is already 12:05 AM. It’s also been raining like hell. The rain started in a slightly showered form very light that it looks like its snowing here in the tropics . . . but as the day progress and so is the strength of the rain. I hope the temperature gets a bit colder, coz it’s getting unusual for a -ber month to ber warm . . . which is what we felt for a few days. Anyway as everyone knows (for this entry there are) 6 more days to go!!! And it’s the time again to celebrate and to welcome Father Christmas!!! My wish for today is this . . .
I fell in love with this pair of heels when I first saw them on my friend’s online store . . . that was more than 6 months ago, till now I didn’t have the guts to order a pair T___T

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