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“A Charlie Brown Christmas” is a Christmas movie staple for me. Not only do I love the gang and the catchy music, but also the adult-like conversations, advice, and contemplations.

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Charlie Brown feels like there is more to the holiday than the commercialization and consumerism. To help him, get his Christmas spirit he asked for his friend Lucy’s advice. She in turn encourages him to become their director for the Christmas play. On top of it his friend Linus and a shabby Christmas tree help him learn the true meaning of Christmas.

For the first time in years I resonate with Charlie Browns feelings when he said “I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel.”

Its only this year (2020) that I have actually didn’t feel Christmas “in the air”. With the pandemic, quarantines, families not able to physically meet and gather for the festivities, and everything negative that has been happening its a struggle to feel joyful and blessed.

The weather isn’t helping either, it’s been really hot for Christmas season. Normally we can wear a light coat/jacket over a shirt, but the weather is not allowing it to. Even the plants are getting stressed with the weird weather.

Like Charlie Brown I also found my Christmas spirit after a few reflections.

Being thankful for having my loved ones who is always there and supports me when I’m down and about to give up, being understanding and patient when I’m cranky and impatient, and who pushes me to become a better person. Appreciating and moving about each day with purpose and reason. Happy to be able to find new hobbies and learning new skills in spite of depression and anxiety. These thoughts some how made me realize that all along the spirit of Christmas is with me I was just blinded by the norm of parties , travels and extravagance, that I forgot the root — the core of Christmas . . . which is LOVE and PEACE (and giving).

Beyond the Christmas movie; what I love about Charlie Brown and the gang (collectively known as Peanuts) — is how Charles M Schulz (the creator and cartoonist of the Peanuts) he made kids talk and simplify everyday adult thoughts, and how his characters reflect the rather repetitive and mundane adulting life. I also find the mumbling teacher, Ms Othmar relatable and funny. I agree when we were kids , adults don’t really pay attention to what you say and neither do kids pay attention to what adults say. Reflecting on that, now as an adult I also find most people are not entirely interested in listening to what you say and vice versa — hence the muted mumbles with bells and whistles of Ms Orthmar totally makes sense.
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