What I envisioned for COOLNOLOGY’s logo is something like this . . .
Since the business is about the study of cool gadgets and other stuff ( mostly are gadgets that are also fashion statements or “bling” gadgets)
or in other words gadgets that could make you cool! I thought that modern crest or coat of arms would fit the spot perfectly. In a way COOLNOLOGY is teaching people how to be cool . . . and schools have crests / coats of arms.
Incorporated in the said coat and arms / crest are elements from the business, example . . . USB , headset / earphones . . .

I want to keep the colors clean and simple. Since I know the design itself would be a bit rugged and grunged. So I thought besides the white and black tint . . . 2 colors with it would be good enough.

Well as for now that’s the master plan.
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