Distressing News from Manhattan

January 22,2011
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Dad is doing fine. Mom was taken to the hospital yesturday afternoon and was admitted.
Her blood pressure was high and on her way to the hospital she had 2 seizures aside from one seizure when Dad and Mom was in the Dr.’s office for a check up. The Dr in the hospital said that they will keep her for a few days for observation.

Last night the topic had to be asked by the Dr. about “What if something happens to Mom while she is in the hospital (such as stroke) do we want to resuscitate her? They asked Dad that questions and Dad wants me to make that decision. I cannot make that decision, I told Dad that he has to make that decision since he is the husband. He said if Mom is brain dead then do not make her suffer, but if she still has a chance then try to do the best they can.

This I believe is a chance for us brothers and sister to come together and to make that decision what if something happens to one of them and what do we wnat to do if just in case one of them cannot make that decision. I have to know what your thoughts about this issue and it has to be unanimous, I do not want to make the final desicion even though they are here with me. Everyone has to come together and make that decision and we have to start thinking about this now and not later on.

I know it is hard to even think about such issue but I do not want to make that decision if and when it does come.

Take care and hope to hear from everyone soon.

Pls. forward this to Kay & Elaine.


— Just a side note::
Elaine is my mom.
My mom’s siblings =
Maxine is my aunt who lives in New York / Manhattan with my Grandma and Grandpa. She’s the youngest in the family.
Melian lives in New York, she’s the eldest.
Eric lives in New Jersey, he’s second.
Jonathan lives in Australia, he’s the third.
My mom’s the fourth.
Kay lives in Canada, he’s the fifth.

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