Divine-Nation : 04 The Fort Fieldtrip

I don’t exactly take Divine out much since it takes so much time to prep her up and her stuff, it’s not as if she’s tiny. Plus the fact that she is a handful! Since my friend Edward insisted on wanting to bring and walk Divine . . . she had her free pass! And of course her Christmas present! . . . well one of her Christmas presents.
We first had late lunch-snacks at Figaro. Divine first behaved grandly, but as time passed by she became really agitated and wanted some petting. I initially tied Divine to my chair but she kept on giving me scratches (on my left leg) so we placed her next to the blank chair. which was opposite my chair and nearer to Edward. Now she can jump and scratch Edward all she wants! 😀
Divine with Edward. 

Divine super happy you can see her eyes turned into ^_^

So I was the one who took the photos for Edward and Benson, but sadly Divine only looked at the camera when we’re taking a photo with Edward, or is it because to tell you the truth Edward had tons of pictures with Divine! 😛

I look happy but . . . Divine looks bored.

Divine just wants to play again . . . NOW!
She had fun running around, sniffing and meeting new people . . . and even seeing other dogs. But we didn’t let her play with the other dogs since the others are too small or looks so fragile that I’m pretty much scared she might hurt one of them.
Divine was also made a few fans, who wanted to pet her and even take her home! 😛
Her cutest fan, was a German baby (girl) who wanted to play with her but her mom got a bit cautious coz she thought Divine bites. After assuring her that she doesn’t she let her baby give Divine a gentle pat.

The mysterious Mr. Benson with Divine.

Don Benson and Divine! Lounging at their lawn…

Divine had fun running around with Edward and Benson. The boys were planning to tire her out — “Think again!” Divine thought! Both guys ended up tired flat while Divine still wants to run around and have fun. We were thinking of having dinner at Serendra but didn’t get the chance since Divine at the end was tuckered out! (Believe it or not!)

while waiting for Benson at Serendra

At Serendra waiting for Benson
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