Do Not Panic!

Sometimes when things gets tough and rough, you don’t exactly get tougher. That’s so unrealistic to most of the normal person. Normally you tend to loose faith and hope and simply give up. It’s not easy when people tend to expect constant understanding of sentiment, you just can’t help it when one of your nerves suddenly pops out and gets cut off. With patience you will always tend to hit a brick wall especially when your understanding is getting way down below zero.
Hey! Give it a break. We’re only human.
Understanding and patience is a 2 way road. You can’t simply expect to keep on receiving understanding and patience from others when you yourself do not give out any. Try to understand what the other person feels, try to wear his or her shoes to get a better prospective of things in that person’s point of view.
I know living your life is already difficult, what more to try and live some one else? How about thinking it this way . . . the other person (who ever that maybe) is doing the same thing for you, in order to understand and cope up with the situation. Why not try it for the other person’s sake.
How would you know if the other person DOES do that for you?
We will never know, but you can just add it to life experience points if you will.
I know you’re stressed, but you’re not the only one in the world who is stressed. It doesn’t mean to say that you can’t see the other person stressed doesn’t mean that he or she is not. It just means that he or she justs handles it better than you. Yes that’s right! BY NOT PANICKING!
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