foodiEntry 9 : Ristras Mexican Grill

I love the food! I usually order the Ball Park Nachos , or their Burrito , or their Almondigas. Whichever of the 3, I always go halfsies.  I love their burrito with lengua , though sadly most of the time their lengua is sold out. 
Another thing that I love about Ristras is that the price and the size of their food. For the price of 1 burrito which you can even split into 3 is quite cheap! 

So what’s with the specific date?

Well here’s the story . . . since we’ve agreed upon (the day before) that we would be meeting up at The Fort, I suggested on having our dinner at Ristras, since I really miss Ristras (though I usually eat at the Wilson branch).  Anyway, it was also auspicious since it’s our first time to go on a date (if you would call it as such) and it’s his first time to actually eat at Ristras. Oh how fun! LoL!

We had a Carnesitas Burrito and Almondigas soup.  Spent time eating and talking and the usual (I don’t need to go into details . . . ) but to cut the story short, I has funs!!! 😀

After we spent our time after dinner at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at The Fort Strip. Where he drank coffee and I had tea. 🙂

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