Our TV habits have evolved from regular channel surfing to streaming platforms, playing games, and browsing social media with a click of the remote thanks to smart feature upgrades But not all smart TVs are built the same. Samsung’s best-in-class TVs up the ante with its superior picture and audio quality, and stylish form factor.

Upgrade your home theater system with Samsung at the Great Samsung TV Sale, and don’t miss the best deals from the Global #1 TV and Soundbar brand. Until September 30, snag up to 40% off on the 4K Crystal UHD Smart TV and over 30% off on premium soundbars. It’s Samsung’s biggest TV event of the year, which means it’s the best time to upgrade your home entertainment system.

Here’s how you and your family can enjoy TV time when you upgrade to a Samsung TV and Soundbar today:

Enhanced visuals for all media

Your favorite movies and series get a boost with more lifelike color, thanks to Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Color feature. Get a different level of picture quality with one billion shades of color, delivering every subtlety and detail in whatever you’re watching. The TV’s 4K picture takes realism to the next level – don’t be surprised if you or your kids reach out towards the screen on your next movie night.

Play like a pro

Access your favorite content with just a click of a button with Samsung’s improved Smart Hub. With artificial intelligence, Smart Hub learns your preferences so you and your family spend less time searching and more time bonding over streamed movies, shows, and other content you enjoy. Gaming with Samsung’s BU8000 Crystal UHD TV is also now more enjoyable with enhanced game motion features.

Seamless addition to your home’s aesthetic

With Samsung TV, you don’t need to sacrifice form for function. The Crystal UHD TVs are sleeker and slimmer than ever to blend in beautifully when wall mounted or displayed on a TV console. Whether placed in the living room, the family room, or the bedroom, the Crystal UHD TV will complement any space.

Cinema-quality sound

Complete your viewing experience with the best sound with Samsung’s Q-Soundbar. It is built with Dolby Atmos technology for cinema-quality audio, and when paired with a Samsung TV, the Q-Symphony feature allows audio to be played from both TV and Soundbar speakers for better sound quality and immersion.

Get that much-deserved home theater upgrade at the Great Samsung TV Sale from now until September 30.

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Great Samsung TV Sale from now until September 30.
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