I have many friends but I don’t exactly share all my thoughts , happiness and sadness with them. I don’t feel like they would understand and connect. It’s either the -Mr. and Ms. Brightsides will say “Look at the bright side . . . ” or “At least . . . ” or The Feeling – Jokers would say something that they think is funny but in reality is actually not amusing and is only irritating! That’s why I made a blog. I know and I feel that my blog isn’t exactly get visited by people that much either.
I just had a fight (yet again) here at home. I’m totally confused what’s the cause of it. I first asked our “ever faithful nanny” what the reason is. She told me that she doesn’t know. When I asked my mom what her problem is , she told me to ask the nanny. Apparently the lying NANNY told my mom that she heard me (talking on my cellphone last night) telling my friend that I’m angry with my mom because of her curfew.
It’s sad because all my friends doesn’t have that. Plus I’m already old to drive and drink alcoholics and yet I feel that I’m in a prison with the curfew rule. It’s also hard because my mom kept on blaming me for my brother’s breaking of curfew rule. She is also very angry with me for not answering her text message which I could not hear nor feel the vibrate since I’m in the mall walking and my phone is in my bag!!!
I just want to kill myself at the moment.
Why? coz 1.) the maid shouldn’t have said anything. should have kept her mouth shut. 2.) I will never have my freedom , maybe when I get married but I’m not sure either. 3.) My mom prefers the MAIDS rather than ME.
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