I’ve been taking into account of me taking a lot of pictures of myself these past few days. I really think I need to find other models for me to shoot.
As usual I am having fun taking photos of myself (like I said above) and of other miscellaneous stuff that I find very attractive or beautiful.
For my newest photo shoot, I played Indian / Pocahontas. I actually have several good photos from the bunch, which I uploaded at (1.) my tumblr, (2.) my photo blog which is also hosted by tumblr, (3.) my deviantArt, and lastly (4.) my flickr .
I’m quite happy with the deviantArt results coz I got a lot of followers (I didn’t expect any), I got this “sticker” which I don’t exactly get what it is for . . . sorry, I haven’t been using DA for

a looong time. And most of my photographies are being “faved” by people!
I’m proud that I’m not even using SLR with my new photos.
Wishing for an SLR . . .
Other good news, I got several calls yesterday and today. From there I also acquired several interview from tomorrow (technically today morning) till Tuesday (March 15th) next week.
Hoping to get a job before the end of this month . . . I really need moolah coz I got a lot of bills to pay. Plus expenses of Divine is getting on me.
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