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Imagine you are a typical college kid. It is summer, and it is extremely hot. Don’t you wish there was somewhere that you could just jump into and cool off? And yes, it does sound like I am talking about a swimming pool. That made you start thinking of BBQs, parties, a nice tan, and have I mentioned parties?

Beyond the fun and games did you know that there are other benefits in having a swimming pool?

Top 3 Benefits in Owning A Pool


Top 1 in the list of benefits in owning a swimming pool is the ability to enhance your health and better your physique.

Swimming is excellent for cardiovascular health and can increase heart rate and muscle strength. It can help burn calorie, loose weight, improve heart health and boost your vitality. It also builds endurance, strengthen lungs, and gives you a complete body exercise because swimming works almost all of your muscles.

Unlike jogging or running, swimming lowers tension and has no detrimental impact on your joints.


Having a swimming pool can make an amazing looking yard which is a total mood setter that can easily turn into a talking point. It can also provide a wonderful atmosphere for hosting family and friends.

However after all that partying and celebration finding ways to relax is a must. A backyard pool can provide the relaxing environment you need and dreamt off to escape the worries and tensions of daily life.

You can even create or customize your own “staycation” without spending money on travel, or time and effort in packing, or even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Add a spa, you will have the most luxurious and relaxing “staycation”.

Enjoy with Loved Ones

A backyard with a pool is a fantastic spot to organize social events, community gatherings, family get-togethers, or even just to work from home. Communities can even come together by building a communal space around swimming pools that promotes enjoyment and relaxation.


In reality, having a pool is no fun and games, it is never a breeze to clean out not is it easy to maintain.

INUI POOL & SPA is a family-owned business servicing the Liverpool area (Australia) since 2004. They offer the following services:

  • cleaning,
  • restoring,
  • maintenance,
  • supply and fit pool equipments,
  • plumbing for new pool,
  • re-plumbing, and
  • pool demolition.

With the mindset of “I enjoy helping and improving my customer’s pools. I just don’t band-aid problems. I fix them!” by Jonathan, owner of INUI Pool & Spa, you can be assured that your pool and spa will be in safe hands.

They can be easily found at 3/407 Hume Highway cnr Boundary rd Liverpool, NSW, Australia 2170. You can contact them at +61 2 9601 3731 or email them at

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