Is he really over?

I was reading this article about “When your boyfriend “think” he’s over his EX“. It’s short but I found it quite interesting and in a way informative . . . I don’t know why I found it informative, maybe the way the author told her story about her experience with relentless exs. I think this article could go both ways . . . for those who think that their current bf / gf is still into the EX . . . and . . . for those who can’t get over their EX . . . AT ALL!!!
I personally can share experiences with that, I know in a way that I am making my baby bear feel that I am not over with my ex. But I really am over my ex. I know your a skeptic too, honestly I’m 100% over him.
I’m the type of person that when I put my mind on something I can do it or finish it in warp speed. Plus maybe I just hate the impending drama if I kept on with the charade of “oh we might get back to each other in the near future”. Come on! That’s so lame! Face it, that’s the worst shit I have ever heard. Stop dreaming and snap back to reality. And why in the world should I place myself in this imaginary place where I’m still with him when he isn’t exactly the prince charming we all dream of . . . he ain’t a prince either.
I always see my ex as an EX. I talk to them in a civil manner, greeting “hi!” and “hello!” every now and then, asking about job openings and some other stuff . . . other than that . . . no way! I don’t want to give them this thought that I might want to go back to a relationship with them nor that I still have lingering feelings. Past is past! What’s dead should really stay dead.
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