Kiong Hee Fat Choi!
I’m so indecisive today.
I want to go out and visit my baby bear , but I’m so lazy. Plus I know I need to install the pen tablet that I borrowed from baby bear . . . So that I can finish processing the US visas.
I really am super LAZY!!!
I slept around 3AM last night (if it’s still qualified as night) , uploaded tons of new pictures at TUMBLR (from my night out with the WOW mates) and was also chatting on the phone with my semi – drunk baby bear . . . I know you had a lot of booze last night and I know you are a bit drunk already since you were too hyper (than normal) to start with!
A lot of things are running through my mind right now . . .
I’m looking at my desk at the moment and I find it too disorganized and cluttered . . . need to start removing and filing stuff . . . I find it hard to think and do things with all the mess . . . *sigh*
The mess is making me depressed . . . I’m such a messy person.
I watched a dragon / lion dance last night, and it made me super duper happy! It was soo cool!!!
I’m removing from the box and installing the pen tablet right now . . . OOOH! Almost new pen tab *shinyyyy* . . . . . . You just can’t help but love the “new” smell, plus it looks like it’s never been used . . . EVER!
I found the image (the one I posted with this entry) amusing. It’s true too! Always wear nice undies . . . you’ll never know what to expect on that day . . .
Hmnmn . . . does my baby bear miss me?

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