I’m so bored.
There’s nothing much to do in the office, as was foreseen, January and February is a bit dead.
One of the main reason is because February is one of the months when China stops and breaths.
As we all know, the Lunar New Year is celebrated in February. Which I learned (something new to me) that they celebrate it for the whole month. Given how big China is, it would take a very long time for factory workers who live in deep deep edges of China to read their families and homes.
I wanted to go to Hong Kong this March , since Cebu Pacific is having a seat sale. But sadly my companion is having second thought about it. Which sucks because I know this is the only time that I am pretty much free. I really really want to go out of the country this year. Maybe I’m asking the wrong person / people to go with me!
Plus side on life , one of my project for this year is selling External Hard Drives which I get from Jerome, my brother from another mother, which is being marketed by me through multiply site and by my wuv Martin. Speaking of which, I’m gonna have my dinner at Ristras later with him . LoL! On the side note: actually I met Jerome (my friend and brother from another mother) from WoW! He’s one of my guild mates and after a few years of playing WoW together we became good friends. Anyway, back to the topic . . . We need to sit down and chat about the supplies. I’m getting a bit confused since the other week he told me the stuff we were selling are portable and this week he’s telling me that it wasn’t portable but the desk type. Which is a big “OH NOOOO!” since we already our clients that it’s portable. But I am still looking totally forward to Lengua Burrito . . . YUMMM!!!
I’m watching Willy Wonka the old movie. It’s much crazier with Johnny Depp.
Plus everything is a lot better with new technology and CGIs.
Will watch Willy Wonka the new one after this . . .
*image : Nike Air Force 1 – Year of the Rabbit
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