This is MACHI

Machi looks like a watermelon, only orange in color and really really long.
Machi has long ears, long arms and long legs.
Machi came from the planet of fruit animals and is from the tribe of watermelon bunnies!!!
Machi is uber cute!!!

Machi is trying to learn how to use the computer. But as of now Machi just stares at the computer trying to figure out why is it shouting at him (youtube). Machi is very very very confused.
Machi wants to make a Facebook account and maybe will soon make a Facebook account once he figures out how to use the laptop. 😀
Machi is still confused much with technology. No such thing in the Planet Fruitsies.
Machi is one of the best Christmas (2010) gifts ever!!!
Thank you sooo much!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Much love from ME and MACHI!!!

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