I have already done this year’s Christmas count down , there were days that I fail to make an entry but still I try to make one even though it’s a bit late . . . It was fun making the count down with a wish at every entry. After making those count downs (with wishes) I realized that some — yes just some — of my wishes came true . . . like I wanted a new toy . . . something techie . . . I was actually rooting for a new laptop (MAC PRO please) and I was also wanting the new iPhone 4. After a day or so , I got my wish. I accidentally bought myself a new iPhone4. It was just an accident because of my mom’s very good marketing skills. Then the stuff bunny I wanted I also got, thanks to *you* — mwahugs –. I named my new stuff bunny MACHI after the Japanese desert (yumm!) I’ll post MACHI’s pix on my next entry.

Although I haven’t delivered all the gifts, at least I have given out a few. I wish I could finish giving all the gifts already so that it won’t get dirty here at my room. *sigh* but those people I need to meet up with to give the gifts are quite busy for Christmas! — FRUSTRATION —
I was actually quite sad this year, first I have said this already for several times but I really don’t feel the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe partly because of there are problems regarding my job actually my boss to be specific and of course there is the downhill economy. Second, every Christmas we spend our holidays at Baguio (Benguet to be specific) if not we spend it overseas, but this year we are spending the holidays here in Manila which we haven’t done in a long time. The last time we did spend the holidays here in Manila when I was a kid and I was an only child back then . . . LoL! Then there is also this website that my uncle is asking me to make which I don’t know why I said yes because making websites are really my weakness plus every time I start the project laziness attacks. Today for the sake of that project I am cleaning out my laptop to avoid crashes and hangs when I am going to make the project per se.
Anyway . . . enough about my complains and problems . . . I just want to say . . .

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