Nippon Paint Asia Young Designer Awards 2021

Nippon Paint has the vision to nurture the next generation of design talents. Hence in 2008, the Asia Young Designer Awards (AYDA) was launched. AYDA serves as a platform to inspire Architectural and Interior Design students to develop their skills through cross-learning opportunities and networking with key industry players, including fellow Architectural and Interior Design peers in the region.

Over the years, AYDA established itself as one of Asia’s premier design awards, having received more than 28,000 entries from over 900 tertiary education institutions to date, across 15 different geographical locations in Asia. Thus made an impact on thousands of young and talented student designers, giving them multiple opportunities to engage with renowned speakers and key figures in the design industry through personalized coaching, mentoring, and skills-building via workshops. Besides exposure to first-hand industry knowledge, the platform allows designers to learn from their fellow peers from within and across borders.


This year, the theme is “Forward: Amplifying Empathy Through Design”.
We live in a world where there is too much noise in design, and it gets harder by the day to stand out in the world of spatial design. At the same time, designers are burdened with needing to strike a balance between commercial and environmental values as they deploy their ideas.

The role of the designers of tomorrow must be redefined with a clear vision. Designers are no longer providing only a framework for the hardware aspects of space; they are also required to think about how people would interact with the software of the space.

  • This is strictly and INDIVIDUAL contest.
  • Participants must be enrolled in an educational institution of interior design or architecture.
  • This contest is open to all Architecture & Interior Design students in their third year and above.
  • Only one entry is allowed per student.

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Come and join us every Friday, starting August 06, 2021 until end of October, 2021.
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