Oh Hello! 01 Happy New Year!

Oh hello there!!!
Happy New Year 2013! 😀

So what have I been doing these past few days . . . well WORK! Yes, I just kept myself busy with work. Trying my hand again (my creative juice actually) with making artworks. After posting this banner above (which I just made) I suddenly remembered that it lacks “2013” lol! How stupid of me to forget such important detail . . . okay after some revisions, it now has the “2013”.

My idea for my banner is from the Chinese Zodiac which this year belongs to. Since it’s the year of the snake, I looked for snake skin texture and tried to manipulate it using colors and of such. I also heard and weirdly felt that the year’s color is green (bluish – green . . . of sort). For the text itself, I wanted it to have this retro feel. 

Moving on, New Year is New Year, so it’s time to make some resolutions. For this year I’m not gonna make “promise” resolutions. But more on an advice / mantra type. It’s easier to make something of that sort, rather than empty promises. Here it goes . . . 

New Year’s Resolution #1 :
I’m not going to answer stupid questions . . . since I have nothing nice to say either way

New Year’s Resolution #2 :
Live as if there’s always a hidden camera outside the house — so dress up! dress cute, chic, & sophisticated!

New Year’s Resolution #3 :
DO NOT expect from people and if you do, always expect the un-expected (this phrase is leaning towards it’s negative aspect) 

New Year’s Resolution #4 :
Work hard, Party harder . . . or is it Party hard, Work harder??
I think the second one is better and way more applicable.

New Year’s Resolution #5 :
Simplicity at it’s finest!

New Year’s Resolution #6 :
Never assume, save some dignity and pride!
Always have the ME first mind setting.

New Year’s Resolution #7 :
No work is too small, neither is it too great!
Always believe everything is possible.

New Year’s Resolution #8 :
Give time, not waste time. 

New Year’s Resolution #9 :
Eyes wide shut! 

New Year’s Resolution #10 :
If and when all hell break’s loose, remember the protocol.
Mind over matter.

I made 2 more versions of my New Year’s greeting banner. 

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