Oh Hello! 03 Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

Let’s all celebrate the year of the SNAKE!!!
I can’t say this was the first Chinese New Year where I am happy, I could maybe describe it as more happy than usual. What 
I can say is that this is the first Chinese New Year that really meant something to me. 

We don’t spend Chinese New Year like other Chinese families. We just have an extended family dinner and “enjoy” each other’s company. Some Chinese families do something special from the day before the Chinese New Year to the day of the celebration itself (some even celebrate for a weeks time). For us, the day before, the day itself and the day after are all working days. If it’s a weekday then for sure we would be at work. If we have an over time on the night itself, then we would still be working our ass off while most are celebrating. 

What’s different this year was, I celebrated from the day before Chinese New Year — until the clock stroked 12 midnight (well not exactly 12 midnight, it was way pass midnight when we part ways) with someone I really care about, the one I’m most of the time with, the one of my most fave peeps and the one I miss the most . . . for short someone special. 😀 We had our Japanese dinner . . . Honestly, dinner wasn’t really as exquisite as our other dinners, but it became extraordinary from the laughter and stories we share (well he shared , I laughed). And another rare occurrence we didn’t had our bonding moment at a coffee shop. 

Tikoy!  Tikoy!!  Tikoy!!!

I still had tons of fun though. Watching people pass by while making up amusing stories about each one of them. Switching conversations from something serious like work, then to something personal, then to something funny . . . and it just cycles back to step 1. 

The next day (today, SUNDAY, Chinese New Year) I just spent my time at home doing nothing, just bumming around. Checking files and what nots. By 4:00pm I started getting ready since we would be going to Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant at Wilson St., San Juan to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 

Deer Moccasins

I wore my new and very comfy moccasins with my pinkish pants and my new blouse. I love my new blouse it’s textile is almost similar to piña (which usually used for barong or baro’t saya). It’s  semi translucent, I honestly can wear it without an inner, but since it’s new year, I wore a red spaghetti strapped inner tank (also to look decent enough in front of the relatives). 

With my brother and my mom.
Empty restaurant . . . as of now 😛
The “fun” started with pleasantries from relatives — sharing of old stories, checking out new clothes worn by each other . . . you know the drill. So when it came to eat, every one automatically went into chow mode, we had tons of stuff to eat, though it was weird to had the starter (roasts, cold cuts and etc.) served at the middle of the meal, which the manager clarified that the salmon delivery was late. 

Don’t have anything much to say since comparing today from yesterday, I prefer yesterday . . . a lot more!!! 😛

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