Oh Hello! 05 DOTA2

One of my favorite past time is playing computer games. I’ve used to play World of Warcraft and after that every other game seems to be uninteresting. I have tons of friends who were vying me to play DOTA, since it’s almost like WOW (World of Warcraft) except that this is more of a tactical game . . . or something like a battle ground in WOW.

I tried playing DOTA1 before and didn’t enjoy so after then I never did play it again. Every time a friend ask me to play, I tell them I don’t want to or I’m not into it — I get bored with the unchanging scenery . . . bla bla bla. But here I am now playing DOTA2.

photo from : www.dota2wallpaper.com

What? Why? Huh???

Well it’s all thanks to Angel for making . . . (forcing?) me to try and play the game. He was patient enough to teach me some tips and tricks on how to survive the battle ground. And if you’ve played WoW with me before you know how much I hate the battle grounds (BG) with out my healer, with this game I totally have no healer and I have to run around like a headless chicken — screaming on top of my lungs (well in real life) for heal that would never – ever – ever – come (camera zooms out of the writer while typing never ever ever . . . ) .

We have been playing for a few games but I’m really stupid at it. Yep, straight forward no bullshit, STUPID! I just keep on dying till I found my perfect litol pleimeyt . . . (little playmate) URSA. Hehehe! I love the powerful moves of Ursa but its kinda slow. I tried to play a few games with my friend Macky (from WoW). And he asked me to try this Lycan character with cool moves too! And it’s a lot faster than Ursa . . . 
Comparing the 2, I still like Ursa.
URSA Minor or Major? — okay not funny… X__X
Though I shall honestly say, recently I’ve been playing using SPIRIT BREAKER / BARA more often than not.

I really try to be better…. But this is like once in a lifetime score…. XD

Look at my profile picture . . . guess who? 😀

I’m still not good at the game, but I think I’m getting a wee better every time. 🙂

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