I truly hope my STUPID , FULL OF BULLSHIT EX would see this.
It’s true, you know.
That’s why people tend to get hacked, one of the simplest reason is because you went to an unreliable and unsecured place to open whatever account you need to browse. And when you get hacked by IDK who (in their right mind would do it . . . in this case a FACEBOOK account which you won’t get any gain from it), you blame it to people around you.
(sorry just pretty mad coz I was one of the peeps he blamed for something that’s sooo . . . lame!)

To keep your internet account safe and secure you have to remember not to leave your password/s where anyone can easily get, acquire and use it.
Try changing every now and then.
But make sure the new password you’re going to use is easy to remember.
And lastly don’t be stupid and telling it off to strangers . . . *eye rolls* why would you do that?!
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