Phases — Vampire Look

The day I took this pictures (almost forgot the “s”) me and my baby bear met at MOA and got totally bored and also sleepy waiting for the time to pass by. So I took a couple ( . . . actually A LOT) of pictures of myself and some with my baby bear just to entertain myself and a few other people who are watching me doing stupid faces in front of the cam.
I edited the picture . . . I look a bit pale from the start actually, then placed a bit of color to my lips . . . then stood back and admired the work (nothing to admire actually . . . same old ugly). Then played the color of the picture (placed a bit of a bluish hue) . . .
I actually had fun doing this picture. From taking the picture itself to processing until finalization.
Named it phases because . . . it’s phases of a face . . . duh! XD
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