Phone Phone Phong

Yesterday I went to Greenhills with my mom and younger brother to buy my dad a gift. Since my dad kept on hinting how much he likes our (my brother and I’s) N97 we decided to buy him the same thing. However, due to unforeseen dwindle of stocks (and of course the phone is practically phased out) we were left to choose between N97 mini (white in color) and some other models like C6, N900 and of such . . . since the mini is the nearest match to the “original” one , we went for it. Honestly I wanted a cherry black color or the gold one but limited stocks are a big pest.
While in the shop I was looking around and was wondering what other phone brands do they carry, since their most prominent brand was Nokia. While the sales lady was making the receipt for the N97 mini, I started inquiring about iPhone4. They gave me the price, which at first was at Php 41,600.00 (if credit card was used). I was shocked with the price so my mom told me to go around and ask how much is an iPhone4 (if paid with credit card) since there are only a few shops that caters the use of credit card it was a very fast inquiries. I was more in shock after my very fast inquiry. The lowest was Php 42,000.00 (6 months , with interest) . . . I went back to the shop where my mom was at and right on time the owner of the shop came and gave us discount to the iPhone4 if ever we plan to buy one. She gave us Php 600.00 less (with 6 months to pay and 0% interest rate) — not bad. I didn’t exactly plan to buy, but with my mom’s encouragement –lo and behold! I bought one (note to advertisers: mom’s are the best ad and push ladies ever). I also bought a Capdase hard gel case for the phone (it has free screen protector) which is yellow in color.

Anyway so today I was surfing the net when I saw this cool iPhone4 case . . .
I swear I wasn’t looking for iPhone case or other accessories because just buying the iPhone4 led me into a 6 months bond with Citibank. Not that it’s not worth it, it totally does!!! —
About the iPhone4 case we all know that when iPhone 4 was released a lot of people jumped into the market to buy 1. Since the size , shape and design is quite different from the old iPhones major accessory brands started designing and manufacturing different designs for the new iPhone4. From Portland, USA a cutting-edge team named Groove has recently made use of natural packaging material with the theme of environmental protection. They use real Bamboo as base of this concept. Bamboos takes 4 – 6 years to grow in order to be used as raw material. This not ensure the buyer that the product’s quality, but also promotes awareness about the environment that we shouldn’t keep on harvesting but we need to replenish as well.
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