Prestone tips to warming up your car the right way

Amid the ‘new normal,’ most car owners use their vehicles less frequently. Except for frontline workers, the public is encouraged to go out only when necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Despite this, Prestone, a proven and trusted quality brand of Auto Care fluids since 1927, reminds motorists to religiously check their vehicles and go for annual preventive maintenance to avoid the hassle of a car breakdown when they return on the road.

According to Prestone Philippines, car owners need to focus on two frequently overlooked fluids—the Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Fluids.

Shifting With Ease

The Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is an essential fluid that lubricates the bearings and metal parts inside a car’s automatic gearbox. It also keeps them from grinding down as they move.

Car owners need to regularly maintain their vehicle’s ATF since it not only lubricates the moving parts but also provides hydraulic pressure and friction to make the internal parts work. Transmission fluid in both manual and automatic transmissions also helps to keep the transmission cool. Since most cars today use AT transmissions, keeping tabs on them is vital since it is more expensive to repair than manual transmission cars.

Prestone ATF

Additionally, Prestone said that using auto transmission fluids provide the necessary power for the demands of the city or highway. Prestone’s Auto Transmission Fluid (ATF) helps delay and, at its best, eliminate the need for costly repairs with cracked and dry seals conditioning and its stop leak technology. In addition, its high and low-temperature friction characteristics provide smooth shifting under extreme conditions, meeting the needs of various cars.

Turning With Ease

Meanwhile, Power Steering Fluid (PSF) is a kind of hydraulic fluid transferring power in modern vehicles with power steering. As a vital part of your steering system, power steering fluid allows drivers to turn the steering wheel smoothly. The use of PSF varies depending on the car with some requiring ATF to come along with it.

Unfortunately, topping up PSF is typically not included in regular maintenance but it still needs to be maintained to prevent grit and sludge from accumulating and further getting into the car’s pinion seals and rack, consequently destroying it. Prestone highly recommends that car owners periodically change their car’s PSF, using high-quality fluids and consulting expert mechanics to maintain it.

Power Steering Fluid

The Prestone Power Steering Fluid protects pumps against pump breakdown caused by wear, oxidation, and foaming through its stop leak technology. As a result, it lessens pump squealing and aid in smooth power steering operation. It also pours at sub-zero temperatures to help assure cold weather steering performance.

As a final reminder, car owners must stay cautious against counterfeit products sold in the market today, especially Brake Fluid. Using fake products can cause malfunctions or permanently damage various parts of your vehicle, leading to a car breakdown, accidents, or engine replacement.

PRESTONE Power Steering Fluid and PRESTONE ATF
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