RE: Distressing News from Manhattan

Of course I’m pretty much upset about it. When I learned about the incident , I talked to my mom and we have discussed our options . . . which lead me to apply for our US (American) VISA.
I have never visited America and in some way I have never thought that I will one day visit it. I know we’re having financial crisis at the moment . . . well I personally IS having a financial crisis at the moment, plus a lot of confusion and drama regarding my work which is adding to stress , pressure and fatigue. I am only human after all. But sometimes I don’t know how to handle these things. For other people and for my mom, I don’t know how to handle my problem. She always think that its a singular thing. She doesn’t even think that it’s not a single entity but a multitude piling up over one another.
I’m so stressed out.
I feel so alone sometimes , even if I really am not.
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