Red little Riding Hood in the HOOD

I was looking for the red riding cape from the movie (duh!) Red Riding Hood. I really want to buy a replica for myself (I know I don’t have money at the moment but I have this feeling that I will have some . . . LOL *crossing fingers*) or even something that looks very near the cape’s design in the movie.
Though I’m not really a fan of the color red, I like the design on the cape and how bright the red colored cloth that was used to make that cape.
Since I trust the ever faithful internet, I tried to look for it . . . and ta-dah! this is what I found . . . the plush toy! LOL It’s cute right?! With the little ginger bread men in her little satchel (bag) and one with it’s head half bitten off which she is holding.
Honestly, I did found the red cape but I think it’s already sold. Maybe I should wait for some more till people would suddenly think of making a Class AAA replica of it . . . XD
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