Restaurant (Mafia) Wars

I usually bring packed lunch to work, it saves me a great deal of time and money rather than eating out or having stuff delivered, sadly its n0t an everyday affair. Every now and then our house helper needs to run some errand of sort . . . which leaves me to have no packed lunch for the day.
No pack lunch for the day automatically means 2 things: 1.) is that when I get to the office by 10-ish am I have to start calling a fast food company and have a meal delivered. 2.) Since the office where I work is inside this residential place where you have to walk BLOCKS before you reach any convenient (and a 100% guaranteed hygienic place) to get a meal. Or you could also ride a tricycle to the nearest mini mall (Waltermart, Munoz) and grab some lunch there. That leaves me at least a day in a week eating either McDonald’s or KFC. I wonder if they would give me a sulit card or suki card for having a meal in a week from them . . . hmnmn . . . Anyway , whenever I go out with the crew and have a field day . . . if it’s lunch time we eat at Jollibee or if it’s dinner they eat at Mang Inasal. That’s why whenever I go out with my friends I try not to eat at McDo , KFC , Jollibee and Mang Inasal . . . coz I get to eat at one or all of them in a span of a week.
Have you ever felt that the fast food industry is a bit like a Mafia (as seen on the picture) ? I do . . . it’s always A VS. B and of course they have their crews or goons to back them up . . .
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