Ay Dios Mio!

I like to drink and I often do go out drink with friends (when I feel like it) . . . It’s not the first time I saw this or have heard of it but still . . . it just gives me mixed emotions about having that in my drink . . .

Now here’s something to look forward too . . . The world’s sexiest tequila!!! When I first saw this ad, I just kept looking at the left most corner of the poster (the first half) , coz the colors of the bottles really stands out then I slowly read the caption “Suck the LIME not the BOTTLE” and it made me think . . . which made my brain green (yeah ANIMO green!) as I check out the lady’s –uhurm– position. Then I started looking at the whole ad, notice the second poster . . . hehehe! How very seductive! Alluring much! XD Nice advertisement!
Ladies!!! This is our drink!!! Hahaha!

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