The 2011 CBTL Planner

I turned into a Coffee Bean addict just because of a planner! Well no – – not really I am a Coffee bean and Tea Leaf addict ever since the first time I went in and tasted their ICED TEA!!!
Anyway since last year one of my goals . . . well you can call it a quest too if you like . . . was to collect tons of stamps in my stamp book in order to get the reward of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 2011 Giving Journal (planner). Equiped it gives +45 Agi, +38 Str, +42 Stam . . . okay sorry to much online game . . .
Anyway (again), I am pleased to share that today . . . I am totally ecstatic!
I finally got my . . .
(drum roll please . . . )
2011 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf PLANNER!!! Wooot!!! Winner!!!
I’m so HAAAAAAPPY!!! *sob*
After drinking tons and tons of very expensive super rich and fatty and caffeinated LIQUIDS (oh yeah! After one session of CBTL I can hear my stomach go *squish squish squish* whenever I walk) FINALLY I got my planner!!! It’s sooo friggin’ cool! XD
The planner even got buy 1 take 1 stubs for every month. Sadly I can’t use the January stub anymore since today is the last day of January and I just got my planner today. Also I’m too full ( and so is my baby bear) of liquid to want some more. Good thing I don’t drink coffee or else I would be jolting and super wide eyed, however since I drank Hot Vanilla (milk) + the very cool and lazy weather . . . I got totally sleepy. XD
The image on the left is actually the 3rd and 4th to the last stamps. We ordered the same thing for take out to complete the last 2 stamps. Mine was the white one and baby bear’s the brown one (I’m not hinting anything about the colors, SMART ASS! XD ) I liked it better that they place it in this type of glass – mug rather than in those big plain white boring coffee mug . . . I just wished I ordered Double Chocolate to go rather than the Vanilla again. I felt I’ve drank too much milk for the day.

I honestly like Coffee Bean than Starbucks and other brands. I feel that there is this certain quality with Coffee Bean. My favorite drink is actually Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Iced Tea because they brew a new batch everyday. Plus it’s not too sweet or too spiced. It has this great balance and the feel of cleanliness. I don’t know how I could get that feel but it just IS!
I usually visit the Coffee Bean at Eastwood City mall (near the new mall). Since that’s the place where baby bear usually hangs out and make’s his homeworks. I think the staff there knows us already, maybe a couple more of visits they would know us by name and what we want to order . . . XD
I feel that I have been posting tons of Coffee Bean images these past few days in my Tumblr that I can make an album about their products that they might as well make me into Coffee Bean’s spoke person . . .

I also kept on saying their brand’s name here at my Blogger and retelling my misadventures at their cafes that I really do think that I should be payed!

I wish the Coffee Bean people would suddenly get lost in the heavy trafficked jungle of the internet and suddenly ends up into this certain blog then read it and suddenly realizes that they should offer me a job as an endorser . . .

I wish . . . LoL!

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