The Last of the Potter boy!


The most awaited Harry Potter has finally arrived!
Okay, I’m not exactly a Harry Potter fan, especially for the past movies . . . *ugh* . . . Harry was such a cry baby!!! But in the books Harry was awesome! And because of that Awesome Harry in the book, I watched the latest Potter movie. Lo and Behold , the baby is now a lady . . . I mean . . . the baby is now a man. Though for me, in the 7th book Harry felt that the whole world is on his shoulders. He was very angry with particularly everyone that would talk to him . . .
The movie was great though, it didn’t show Harry’s “aggressive” side (thank God!). It was more action packed and more adventure filled. And of course, for all the Harry Potter fans out there you need to wait for the second installment of the movie next year. Hopefully it is also high strung as the first installent.
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