MUST TRY: Tea Talk’s Top 10 drinks perfect for family summer bonding

For the second time around, Filipinos are forced to spend the summer indoors and at home because of the pandemic. Most of us have come up with ways to have fun and beat the summer heat like setting up an inflatable pool and spending the afternoon splashing, chillaxing with the fam in an airconditioned room while watching videos on Netflix, and, of course, enjoying ice-cold beverages.

I think we could all agree that one of the best ways to quench the thirst in this scorching heat is to drink milk tea. Having two consecutive summer seasons in lockdown, we have surely ordered our favorite milk tea drinks from our usual milk tea shops. Now it’s time to switch it up and try Tea Talk: the next best milk tea shop for you to try today!

Accentuating its special milk tea concoctions made from authentic ingredients, Tea Talk is one of the up-and-coming local milk tea shops you should check out. Avoid going stir-crazy this quarantine and spark bonding conversations with your family with Tea Talk’s summer coolers.

We listed down the top drinks from Tea Talk for every milk tea lover.  Click on the image for details on each beverage.

What are you waiting for? Have a Happy Tea and Happy Talk experience this summer with your family and quench your thirst with Tea Talk. Find the nearest branch in your area:

Tea Talk Branches

About Tea Talk

Tea Talk is the first homegrown milk tea brand of Morong, Rizal. Launched in 2019, Tea Talk features authentic milk tea and beverages made with best quality and frTeaesh ingredients. With its unique tasting milk tea and complementing appetizers and snacks, Tea Talk aims to bring a Happy Tea and Happy Talk experience to its customers.

For more information, please visit Tea Talk’s official website at

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