Travel Travelan!

Do you like to travel?
Because I know that I do love to travel, whether in the country (just out of the metro) or out of the country, I just love love love to travel.
I love the thrill of the out doors.
Since 2009, after my operation (neck and thyroid operation) I wasn’t been able to travel. My body can not handle the stress and fatigue unlike before. It was really hard for me not being able to travel since thats one of my passions. Another thing that was hindering me was my relationship. That time my ex wasn’t really supportive and . . . well I can say he’s an outdoors man . . . but I know that he would only look after himself and whatever would happen he wouldn’t aid me if I were in trouble while we were out in the wild. I wasn’t also a fan of his methods of traveling. I personally know that you have to make sure everything is safe, when traveling the first no – no is to get sick. So you have to make sure that everything is sanitary and that you have medicines in case of. I also tend to follow rules (which my ex is not), especially when you are somewhere out of your safe zone. It’s their jungle you have to live with their rules. I would like to disrespect the natives because you wouldn’t know what they could do to you. For short he’s very inconsiderate . . . in general!

Last 2010, after the harsh break up with my . . . uhurm . . . boyfriend. I made a point to myself that whatever happens I will travel, I will go and laze on the beach and just enjoy life. So I went with my friend to a “camping” trip. We set camp at this beach . . . you may say that it was some how private. Including our group there were only 3 groups. It was fun, but I wished that time that I have a solar charger for my electronics since your mp3 player (in my case my iPhone) is your only source of music and entertainment when every one else is taking their siesta (or afternoon nap) at mid day (the heat is terrible mind you, walking out of the shade for just 5 minutes may burn your skin . . . fast). I enjoyed it even though I can’t totally say that my body is used to that kind of excursion. Hiking up and down the mountain just to visit this totally lovely lagoon and waterfalls. I was happy though that I handled the trip well. My body was jolted back to the way it should be running, maybe it’s all the endorphins that I was producing since I was totally happy (imagine that after 2 years of no travelling . . . finally!!!)

Last December 2010, I have just renewed my passport. I am very much looking forward to be able to travel out of the country this year and also traveling in the country. Really really praying that my plans would come true, since last year my plans of going abroad kept going flat due to people who have very fickle minds . . . sad . . . I know!!! This year I’m going to be smart, I’m not going or even planning with those people anymore. I’ll plan with people who are well traveled.

So for all those jet-setter in training here some “tips” :
– Now a days every one is tightening their belts, however since we love to travel we can’t help but follow our urges. Instead of going through a travel agency, you can always get / reserve / buy your plane tickets online. Most airline companies offer irresistible packages that are not only cheap but it has everything you would want. Like hotel (accommodation), tour (going to parks, tourist spots and etc.) and also extra time for you to do your personal shopping. Some even includes tickets for theme parks in their package. It’s relatively cheaper too than agency.
– Always travel light. Don’t bring a lot of things. Pack enough underwear change, but as for your pants and shirts try to bring the minimum. Coz when you get there you will most definitely shop. It’s better to spend money on new things than paying over weight (or excess) baggages. Plus you can wear your new stuff right away (since you don’t have much of change of clothes).
– Bring a big hand carry. I didn’t mean huge, gigantor hand carry but not exactly a small purse type, especially if your planning to do a lot of shopping. Think of your hand carry as extra space to put your new acquired stuff.
– Always remember to put tags on your bags and luggages. And for added safety measure buy a bag lock or a luggage bag with lock. Bring medicine, especially if your stomach is weak.
– You’re not going to walk a ramp so wear super comfy trainers / shoes. I know I kept saying shopping, but think about it this way . . . either you are shopping or hiking or sight seeing, you wouldn’t need heels in those activities. How would you conquer your plans for the day if you need to keep on stopping because your toes hurt or your legs are tired coz of the heels that you are wearing . . . 😉 You are wasting day light!!!
That’s it for now. That’s all I can think of for the moment XD
Love y’all!
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