I was wondering why my mom suddenly got bloated on her lower abdomen after she gave birth to my younger brother. Till now, she still have that lump. In some ways, this “YUCKY BODY : MOM EDITION” explained in very few words why sleek and sexy momma turned hunch – front.
I read in other magazine that if you gave birth to a baby the natural way (no operations needed), then after 2 months you can go to the gym and exercise to shape that abdomen back to the sexy abs when you were still single.
While for those mom’s who needs to get operated to let jr. out . . . well that’s the challenge.
And the most unfortunate of them all . . . are us . . . the CHINESE. Coz the elders would make you drink medicinal soups that are very high in calories, that after the birthing you would look like a sea manatee . . . No joke!
In someways this made me scared of getting pregnant . . .
Don’t want to get . . . fat . . . -er . . .
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