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Are you a morning person? Morning person are also called as a lark or early bird. Is practically someone who jumps out of the bed every morning ready to face a new day and goes to bed early in the evening!  How about an afternoon person? Afternoon people are “solar powered”, they can find energy anytime of the day or even at night! Preferred to be out and on the go while when most people are. But early morning and late nights are a big no-no. If you are not a morning person nor an afternoon guy, then maybe you are a night owl! Night owls or also known as night person or evening person. More active at night, those who are in this category tends to sleep really late and work on that time frame. (Honestly I’m more of the evening person)

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Now what is this all about . . . Well before I answer that question, it’s pretty well known that the most important meal of the day is the breakfast. I remember when I was younger my mom, dad, my grandparents and even our nanny would constantly tell my brother and I how important it is to have a full breakfast. At that time waking up really early to go to school is by far torturous. What’s more is eating heavy breakfast which consists of oatmeal, eggs, milk and water. I also remember the feeling of hate having to eat all of the food served in our plates. And eventually going to school feeling bloated. As I grew up I hate having to eat breakfast and if I don’t need to eat breakfast I do try to avoid (talk about traumatic).

But why is breakfast important? Here are some of the  benefits:
  1. You will feel more energized
  2. It improve your concentration and focus for the long day ahead.
  3. It boost your metabolism, helps lower bad cholesterol and aids in weight control
  4. It helps control your hunger for the rest of the day.
  5. It prevents you from over eating on the next meal.
  6.  It improves memory and gives you into a brighter and better mood.
  7. And lastly, it is a great source of nutrients and vitamins!

So what is this all about?

Image from Mcdonald’s Philippines

McDonald’s had devised a way for each one of us to enjoy and welcome a good morning! One of the ways is by them upgrading / adding more selections to their morning menu. Another is great campaign full of bright images with modern feel into it and also artistically composed posters. Their newest campaign is LUCKY DRIVE. It’s very simple to join and you get to win free breakfast! How cool is that?! So if your looking for Mcdo breakfast goody just drive-thru from October 15, 2014 (technically today) until October 18, 2013. But wait that’s not all, Your car’s paint job mst match the “LUCKY” color of the day for you to win the free treat! 
Act fast though! Only the first 100 motorist per drive-thru branch are entitled for this awesome treat! The campaign also starts at 6am. BTW for today, the lucky winners would get Chicken Muffin for breakfast. 


I’ll be brutally honest and I’ll make this entry short, I’m not a Starbucks fan!  I hate their high dosed sugar drinks, the food they serve there  is simply pickings from a bakery just down the lane. There are branches where the staff doesn’t even smile and have the audacity to smirk at you for no given reason.

What I look for in a coffee shop is 1.) the menu, the diversity of the drinks . . . wishing that no 2 drinks taste alike. Sadly, in Starbucks (for me) drinks tastes alike. 2.) still the menu, food they serve. Of course you would want to much on something while sipping your hot / cold beverages. Whether it’s something light or heavy the food matters too. Starbucks only caters pastries, sandwiches and sometimes salad which doesn’t tantalize my taste buds. And though they reheat it, it doesn’t get warm through and through. 3.) WiFi, in this age people go to such coffee places to have an access to the world wide web. What I like about Starbucks is their fast internet connection. 4.) Socket, socket and more sockets! People tend to do their work in such places too . . . so sockets are a scarcity. I’m happy to say that in this round Starbucks provide tons of sockets to go around (or maybe specifically at the place where we go to they have tons of sockets to plug your gadgets).

Going back . . . the only thing I like with Starbucks food is their waffles, though again there are times when the waffles aren’t great either. I had several waffles in the past where it tasted fishy . . . and after consumption my stomach churned. The only reason I do visit, go to, and stay at Starbucks is because of my Angel. So Starbucks, kindly thank my Angel, if not for him, I wouldn’t think of going back.

Back to the waffles . . . the waffles I like, which he orders, is toasted with strawberry syrup and plenty of cream on top. If the waffle is served warm and doesn’t have the yucky fishy taste, I can eat it in a blink. The usual drink I have with it is the hot chocolate, which most of the time is overly sweet. I happen to have found 2 branches where the chocolate mix they made isn’t that diabetic-ally induced.

And here I end my entry, I can’t think of anything else to write . . .


I love the food! I usually order the Ball Park Nachos , or their Burrito , or their Almondigas. Whichever of the 3, I always go halfsies.  I love their burrito with lengua , though sadly most of the time their lengua is sold out. 

Another thing that I love about Ristras is that the price and the size of their food. For the price of 1 burrito which you can even split into 3 is quite cheap! 

So what’s with the specific date?

Well here’s the story . . . since we’ve agreed upon (the day before) that we would be meeting up at The Fort, I suggested on having our dinner at Ristras, since I really miss Ristras (though I usually eat at the Wilson branch).  Anyway, it was also auspicious since it’s our first time to go on a date (if you would call it as such) and it’s his first time to actually eat at Ristras. Oh how fun! LoL!

We had a Carnesitas Burrito and Almondigas soup.  Spent time eating and talking and the usual (I don’t need to go into details . . . ) but to cut the story short, I has funs!!! 😀

After we spent our time after dinner at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at The Fort Strip. Where he drank coffee and I had tea. 🙂

I like Google’s home page, they are very informative . . . Sometimes it may just come as trivia , sometimes something really historical. I think today is very historical, a trivia and informative.

For those who love ice cream . . . especially Sundaes . . . Let’s celebrate it’s 119th Anniversary! ^^