New World PC game


New World is an open world MMORPG PC game where you forge alliances with other players and battle with the corrupted. The game offers a classless, real-time combat system that gives each player the opportunity to either fight alone, with a small team, or in massive armies. It also has PVE and PVP battles.

Real World Jizz…

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) created by Amazon Games Orange County and distributed by Amazon Games. It was originally intended to be launched in May 2020 and then August 2021, but was postponed until September 28, 2021. Players colonize a fictional land fashioned after the Americas set in the mid-seventeenth century in this game.

New World was originally intended to be a free-to-play game, but now uses the typical paid game business model. This sets it apart from other MMORPGs that use a subscription model. In-game microtransactions in the form of skins, furniture, and etc. are also available.

Game On!


Upon logging in to New World, the player will start customizing their own character. They will then encounter a cinematic video that shows them how s/he got to New World. They would soon learn that they are on a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean known as Aeternum. As the player levels up, they would receive a quest that would enable them to learn more about the three factions (Maurauders, Syndicate, and Covenant). At the end of the quest line, they are asked to join one of these factions. The player may form groups of up to five members to do harder quests and dungeons, fight other players, and explore the world.


Unlike other MMORPG, New World players can also level up their trade skills and weapon skills.

Let’s look at the trade skills first, trade skills are divided into the four categories:

  • Crafting
  • Refining
  • Gathering
  • Camping


There is so much to know about crafting and crafting stations. To simplify, every town there is a crafting station, but not all towns has the same crafting station level. These stations are upgraded when the company that governs the town made it as one of the objectives at the Town Projects Board and the players complete those quests. Leveling different trade skills unlocks better items to craft, it can also give the player more output on every craft.

EngineeringFurnishingJewel Crafting
Weapon Smithing


One of the first quest the player would be doing is gathering — mainly of flint and greenwood. As the player’s gathering level increase, they would need different types of tools to gather better materials.

Tracking and Skinning


Players can use the raw materials they have obtained thanks to the refining trade abilities; for instance, players could process iron ore to iron ingots using smelting.

Leather WorkingSmeltingStone Cutting

Offering a classless system, New World players can equip and unequip an array of weapons. The player’s “class” or build is completely dependent on the weapons the player choose to use. Each player can equip 2 weapons, and a shield.

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