Coolnology is the first official business that I have. I used to sell cute and pretty girly stuff when I was younger. I even sold personalized sticker names just to have a bit of income. Ever since I’ve been wanting to have a small business of my own. Last year, I wanted to study Jewelry Making and Marketing, for me it’s the best opportunity at that moment since I love jewelry why not try and make some and also market them. Sadly that dream was crushed since we’re not financially capable enough for me to study again (plus my brother is still in college studying aeronautics). The turn of this year, I learned a friend of mine studied jewelry making and marketing . . . and now she has her own online shop. She also partnered with one of my old grade school (elementary) friend (who is now importing clothes).
Technically Coolnology is about fashionable / trendy gadgets that are (duh) cool and of course the usability should be there too and lastly it should also be trendy. (okay I’m just repeating what I said from before)
I can happily say that we are looking forward to receive our shipments this week. Hopefully by the end of the week we would be able to catalog everything, get the prices together (we would really love to price it a bit cheaper than our competitors) and would also be able to post it in our on-line site.
I’ve been planning great stuff to add in our products. Hopefully it would be a hit.
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