Praise the Lord for WiFi

I attended my (second) cousin’s engagement party yesterday at Legend Sea Food Restaurant. It was so boring that I totally thanked God for the invention of WiFi!!! I don’t usually go online (using my phone) in parties or of such events but I’m soooo friggin’ sorry! It really was snooze-ville! Plus the fact that I don’t know most of the peeps there coz they are like my second cousins who I have never met in my whole life. After quite awhile (when we were getting very comfy in our seats) when my cousins (first cousins) came and were wanting to sit together and chat, as if that was possible since I’m already wedged between relatives that are totally . . . out of this world.
Repeating what I have Plurked that day , I pretty much am trying to figure out why the hell my cousins (male and female) are such obnoxious brats?! I heard one complaining that she can’t get any access with the restaurant’s WiFi, which made me thank God again that I CAN ACCESS THE WIFI!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Praise the Lord for WiFi! I was able to Tumblr and Plurk about this event. I was also able to go online on YM and chat with a few friends while waiting for the food to hurry up and get served coz I was totally famished that time. As I was saying, the party was crazily boring that I don’t think it’s even legal to call it A PARTY! For further evidence of this boredom, please see picture above.
Anyway , in this picture I know it’s mainly the food that is featured but the real stars are the couple at the back. I admit it’s not the best photo winner, but at least I was able to take a hidden snap shot so stop complaining! It wasn’t easy either to take a hidden picture of the couple with out looking like a complete idiot. I looked like half an idiot only — MAX! SWEAR!!!!
My relative is the girl (wearing pink duh!) , her older brother got married last year. By March I think she’s gonna get married. Then next year her younger brother is going to get engaged then also married . . . LoL
Seems to me everyone’s getting married! O___O
Think about the parties!
And the FOOD!!!
I honestly didn’t know that the color motif of the day was purple / violet . . . with a lot of chance and a tinnie winnie bit of luck, I wore purple that day . . . with big sparkly sequins . . . and black leggings and black high heels . . . with my rocker gold studded bag! Oh yeah!!! XD
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