Cute Hairstyle

At long last, I had my hair digitally permed last Friday. For the past few days all I do is to wear my hair in a faux half pony. Instead of using an elastic band, I use hair clips. Today I just wore a hair band on my hair, I was also started looking for a cute new hair style which I can do and wear with my digitally permed hair.

With a lot of checking and research I got to this site: They really do have cute hairstyles that are very easy to make especially for people like me who doesn’t exactly have the skill and patience in fixing my hair into something fancy.

I also would like to share this video, courtesy of the said website and of (and of course to the lady who did the video). I want to share this certain video because this girl made something quite complicated to style , look very easy to make. She is very crafty with hairstyles and she’s also very skilled. Plus her pet Chihuahua is very cute. Hehehe!

*Source video from ::

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