Mah Phones

I have an iPhone 4, a Nokia N97 and a BlackBerry curve (8250). I actually love my phones but they each have different uses for me.
My iPhone is the all around multimedia center. It’s where I upload and read my books (in pdf) such as Harry Potter or read comics (in pdf) like Tin Tin. I also upload music and movies in it. I do have several games like Angry Birds and also organizer. When I’m out and fortunate to be at a free WiFi zone, I tend to open up my social apps like FaceBook, YM, Plurk and etc. I also check my mail. You can say that my iPhone is my mini computer + phone + camera.
My N97 is simply my fun gadget. I use it as a normal phone, though before I had my iPhone I have several ebooks there. But I find it’s battery to deplete fast when I use it as an ebook reader.
What I like about the nokia is that I’m so used in using Nokia phones. Plus I love that it’s in white color.
My BlackBerry, is more on a simple text and call phone for me. Up until I have applied for a pay per use BlackBerry plan on SUN (I use my Sun Mobile sim on BlackBerry). It’s fun to use the BlackBerry messenger though I’m a bit sad since I only have 1 friend there. What I like about the plan is that I don’t need to be in a WiFi Zone to be able to use my social apps.
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