Capturing Divine

I got a text (SMS) message yesterday (March 9, 2011) from Divine’s breeder asking for her latest picture/s. My initial reaction was “OMG!” coz I know for a fact that Divine’s a very hyper dog and it’s really really frustrating to take her picture since she just can’t keep still.
So this morning (March 10, 2011) I devised a plan to keep her still. First I ask a helper to carry her, but due to her heavy weight the helper can’t carry her for too long.
Then I asked the helper to put Divine on this ledge that’s big enough for her to sit / stand / lay down on. But it also didn’t work since we were very much afraid that she would suddenly jump down. And she’s not capable of jumping such heights, she might break her bones.
Last I placed her in ISOLATION at our front porch, which has a small iron gate to keep her penned in. I finally got my shots. And another great shot when I let her out and run around the garage playing with the foot mats.
Good thing those foot mats were newly washed.
By the afternoon I have sent the pictures and hoping that the breeder would like them.
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