My EX-BOSS is such a MANIAC

I quit!
I know I haven’t been blogging much about my office life this month but that’s because it’s all topsy-turvey . . .
To start with I would like to share that my EX BOSS is a SEXUAL HARASSING MANIAC! That’s right! He’s an old super maniac bastard who doesn’t respect women and to be more specific his wife.
When I started working for the company, I used to accompany him to business meetings. Since I drive my car to work, he would always tell me to bring my car to the meetings. Such an opportunist! He would then always tell me that I can only have a very meager P200.00 gas allowance that doesn’t even compensate half the way from the office to the meeting place! And how about the wear and tear to my car?? Also there’s the added distance from the office to the meeting — and the way back from the meeting THEN I need to drop him off somewhere in RECTO because that’s near the place where he lives which is a super big swerve from the route going back home for me! I also hated the way my car smell after he gone off, because whenever he speaks he spittles all over!!! EEEW!!! One time I just dropped him of to a convenient place (wherein I don’t need to drive super far and make a very far turn just to get back home . . . ) the next day he got sick because he got soaked . . . drenched in rain (because it was raining hard that time) the day before. When he got back into the office 2 days after he was blaming me (but not straight in the face . . . coz he usually say things in snide remarks . . . mahilig magparinig — syet! sorry ndi ko alam panu i-English yan LOL)! It’s not my job to see him home! I’m not his driver!!! And Im not even getting PAYED WELL to compensate all the responsibilities he’s handing me!!!
Then when we are alone he keeps on either telling stories about his old bankrupt company and his ex-secretary who (well most of my friend’s think that) he bangs. It’s pretty much weird that he suddenly told me one time that his old secretary was so open minded that he, his secretary, a Japanese client and the Japanese client’s secretary went in a hot tub where the secretaries were wearing 2-piece (swim suit . . . duh!). The conversations were so awkward that I even told him one time “Uncle (that’s what I call my ex-boss) won’t your wife get mad?” He even kept on dropping remarks like “I’m going to the hot spring this weekend. It will be very good.” and hinting that I should join too!!! He also used to keep on asking “Won’t your boyfriend mind that you spend a lot of time with your boss?” . . . it was so off that after quite a while I don’t want to go to meetings with him anymore. I feint headache and that I would like to stay in the office rather than join him.
But the one that made me make my decision is when I saw him (purely by accident) watching PORN in the office! I mean come on you old maniac! Watch it in your own home, in your own privacy! Not in the office! Where’s the etiquette?? I was really scared coz it was only ME and HIM in the office and no one else. If he would DO anything AT ALL to me, I don’t think I have the 100% strength to save myself. Coz he’s big — like FAT big!
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