These are some facts about blackberries . . . not the smart phone, but the fruit . . . 🙂
Blackberries (Rubus Ursinus) are not exactly A berry. Like raspberries they may also be called as caneberries or brambles. The botanically correct term for it is aggregate fruit, which is composed of small druplets.
When plant antioxidant story became wide spread some years ago, one fruit that became wildly popular due to it’s very high antioxidant content was the blackberry. Not only that but blackberries are also rich in vitamins A and C as well.
Blackberries were used to cure eyes and mouth diseases in Europe till the 16th century. While in the northwest Pacific, the powdered bark of the blackberry bramble was used to sooth toothache. Another is tea made out of the leaves of the blackberry is said to aid digestion or stop vomiting. And lastly, the root concoction of the blackberry is used to remedy dysentery.
It is also said that benefits from regular intake of blackberries may help against :

  • pleurisy and lung inflammation
  • anti – thrombosis ( inhibition of blood clotting )
  • several types of cancer
  • endotoxin shock
  • cardiovascular disease
  • diabetes
  • age – related cognitive decline
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