Happy BEERday to ME


It’s my birthday again!

… Nope! I’m not getting old … I’m PETER PAN!


Anyway, like every year my birthday isn’t exactly celebrated. It’s not even a “SPECIAL” date. It’s just an ordinary day … like … yesterday and tomorrow. I seldom have a party, usually we just have a normal everyday family dinner. Nothing special in the menu, sometimes just left overs. But it’s no big deal. I’m used to it.

I was so happy when I get to have an early celebration last MARCH 23 (Wednesday). My friends were there, tons of booze, BBQ and pasta! 🙂

Thanks guys!

It made me very extremely super duper uper mega — todo na to level-acious — happiness!!! 😀


By the way today is the opening of SUCKER PUNCH (a must watch) !!! Oh yeah!!!

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